I have written two books – one on relationships and one on counseling and psychotherapy, as well as several articles on addictions, depression, stress, anxiety, abuse, therapy itself, and many other topics.


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Who hasn't had trouble with relationships at one time or another? To help you to sort out why it's hard to find someone that you love, who you can count on and are compatible with, and where you create a place called home, I've written a book on intimacy.  Get Closer is for couples who feel distant – whether due to fighting, unhealthy relationship patterns, or drifting apart. Many of us have have had several short-term relationships and have trouble finding one that lasts, and still others can't seem to get to find the right person.

Here's the Kindle version of my book. You can download it to nearly any device, including your home computer, once you've installed the free Kindle software.
Get Closer: A Gay Men's Guide to Intimacy

Here are a few reviews:

 Of all the self help books I've read about male relationships, this has been unquestionably, the best. –Dbozz, Amazon Reader 

 I wish I had Get Closer years ago when starting my first partnership. A terrific and useful book. –Felice Picano, author 

An outstanding book for gay men who want to look at their relationships and improve them…. Kenneth D. George, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Click here for the paperback version.

My other book is for psychotherapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. It was co-written with Dr. Melissa Johnson, and the impetus was having colleagues who either saw no difference in treating gay and lesbian clients or who were uncomfortable or unfamiliar with providing psychotherapy and counseling for them.

Affirmative Psychotherapy and Counseling for Lesbians & Gay Men (2003)

A couple of reviews:

This is a necessary and powerful tool for any psychotherapist working with lesbians and gay men. It is filled with useful information that is insightful and timely. –Kevin Kryoka, Psy.D., Psychology Chair, Seattle University

This is an excellent guide for therapy with gay and lesbian clients! This book provides thoughtful case studies suggesting possible interventions for positive identity development within a gay friendly, therapeutic environment –Rik Isensee, LCSW, author and psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco


Click on articles to see what I've written for various newspapers and magazines. In addition to articles related to relationships, depression, anxiety, and related topics, many of them revolve around wellness, which includes information on therapy, psychology, and counseling. Also, a bi-weekly column has been published in many locales. You are welcome to read some of the articles here.

Here are some of the publications I have written for:

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