These articles have been written by therapist and author Jeffrey Chernin, PhD, MFT, who provides counseling and therapy.

What to Expect When Entering Therapy

If you are considering therapy, I’d like to dispel a few myths and offer you some ideas to consider in finding the right therapist for you. Of the myths about therapy, probably the hardest one to overcome is that to be strong means to be able to solve problems on your own. Paradoxically, however, admitting your weaknesses ... [ Read: What to Expect When Entering Therapy ]

Emotions and Mental Wellness

During couples therapy, I often hear one partner turn to the other partner and say “I feel...” followed by things like “ are not listening to me,” or “ shouldn't do that.” “That isn’t a feeling, - that’s a thought,” I’d comment. They’d look at me, confused about the difference and ... [ Read: Emotions and Mental Wellness ]

Communication and Relationships

Perhaps you, like many couples, find that the most difficult period is during the transition for short-term to long-term, which could be anywhere from six months to two years. This pivotal time is when communication becomes more important and unfortunately it's also the time when it can get bogged down. Conflict between ... [ Read: Communication and Relationships ]

How to Manage and Prevent Stress

Stress prevention and management is important not only to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, it can contribute to your overall wellness and mental health. As a former teacher of stress management courses, I cannot emphasize enough how much learning to manage and prevent stress can improve the quality of your ... [ Read: How to Manage and Prevent Stress ]

Healing from Sexual Abuse

Of all of the kinds of childhood abuse, sexual abuse is perhaps the most damaging to people's lives. In this article, I discuss sexual abuse, the impact on individuals and relationships, and some resources for learning how to cope. What is sexual abuse? Sexual abuse includes any sexual touching, rubbing, or fondling ... [ Read: Healing from Sexual Abuse ]