These articles have been written by therapist and author Jeffrey Chernin, PhD, MFT, who provides counseling and therapy.

Addiction and Recovery Primer

Trying to determine if you're addicted to an activity or substance can be very difficult, and sometimes it can take years. Occasionally, people can overcome an addiction with little effort. For example, it takes time to build up an addiction to most drugs, and there is a window of time when you can walk away without ... [ Read: Addiction and Recovery Primer ]

Improve your Self-esteem

The term “self-esteem” means different things to different people. For this article, think about self-esteem as how you feel about yourself. With this definition, it is the same thing as what we call 'self-image.' Origins of your self-image One of the most important influences on how you see yourself is your ... [ Read: Improve your Self-esteem ]

Post-traumatic Stress and PTSD

Five percent of men and 10% of women in the U.S. suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but many of them don't know they have it. That's partly because many of the symptoms of PTSD look like the symptoms of other conditions such as depression and anxiety. Also, it's because many people with PTSD feel like ... [ Read: Post-traumatic Stress and PTSD ]

The Importance of Friendships

When someone asked author Ethan Mordden how he could live without a family, he responded that his friends were his family. But that person didn’t understand his answer: “He said no – a family like playing with them and learning from each other and living with them inseparably, and I said that’s what we do. ... [ Read: The Importance of Friendships ]

Help for Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for relationships. Taking time to plan, changing the way you view this time of year, and finding support may lead to a more enjoyable season. You can reduce holiday pressures by expecting stressful situations to occur. Be ready for late airplanes and overcrowded ... [ Read: Help for Holiday Stress ]